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Introducing our stickpacks

Discover the new revolution with our stickpacks

Introducing our exclusive formulas one containing our groundbreaking ingredient Greeniuronic, with our RTD- technology (Ready-to-Drink) offering a unique way to liquefy high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. Experience intense hydration and radiant skin like never before!

Dive into the world of Viva W8, our groundbreaking product that combines Konjac Glucomannan with our latest RTD technology. Our innovative formulation also effortlessly dissolves Konjac Glucomannan in water, providing you with an unparalleled feeling of satiety and well-being.

Introducing Greeniuronic

GreenIuronic brings skin and joints health to the next level

GreenIuronic is the world‘s first natural patented hyaluronic acid extracted from the fungus Tremella fuciformis. It maintains hyaluronic acid in its native form, resulting in a very high molecular weight and closely resembling the one found in our bodies. Scientific studies have demonstrated its superior activity and bioavailability compared to other commercial products. Additionally, it is 100% vegan and sustainable, offering a more ethical and cruelty-free product, of which we can also provide an Organic certified version.

High molecular weight effects

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid (>1.000kDa) is better for skin and joints than low molecular weight hyaluronic acid due to its similar structure to human HA and superior benefits:

Introducing VIVA W8

Tasty and guilt-free slimming beverages

VIVA W8 is a patented formula that offers all the benefits of konjac glucomannan in a convenient RTD version crafted to help consumers on a weight loss journey.

Glucomannan is a well-known dietary fibre proven to boost satiety and reduce food intake.After ingestion, it forms a viscous gel, which slows down gastric emptying, increases the food volume without adding calories, and decreases the appetite hormone ghrelin.

Unlike traditional glucomannan supplement options, VIVA W8 offers a refreshing and tastier alternative, which also ensures an adequate liquid intake for the consumer.

Say goodbye to capsules and hello to convenience with VIVA W8: a unique ready to drink glucomannan crafted to make weight loss feel like a treat.


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