Packaging, dispensers and sprayer pumps for medical and cosmetic products

The Vivatis Medical Devices GmbH was created to supply Vivatis clients from the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors with high-quality yet cost-effective packaging solutions, dispensers and application pumps.

Vivatis Medical Devices can supply standardised units, or source client-specific products from our global network.


As a company with a long and successful track record as a supplier to the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry, Vivatis is familiar not only with the technical requirements for packing lines but also the needs of end customers. We can also offer expert advice on creating completely new products.

The Vivatis Medical Devices experts would be happy to answer any questions about pumps (lotion pumps, serum pumps, upside-down fine-mist sprayer pumps, foam pumps), cosmetics packaging, push-button pipettes, airless dispensers and glass/plastic containers and bottles. Please also feel free to enquire about special, custom solutions not yet available on the general market.

All products are manufactured in accordance with European standards.

If required, Vivatis Medical Devices can manage the entire import process, including customs clearance, quality control, warehousing and just-in-time delivery. Less