International network for clients and suppliers

Vivatis has independent branch offices in six European countries, and a central sourcing office in China.

It also works with a large international network of audited partner manufacturers who are qualified to EU standards.

This network can provide solutions for almost any requirement that may arise in the pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and functional food sectors, including procurement of pharmaceutical intermediates.


Our six European branch offices offer our clients outstanding service right on their doorstep. To allow us to cater to national and regional preferences regarding particular intermediates or ingredients, our local teams possess in-depth knowledge of both procurement channels and sales markets. The branch offices also offer Vivatis partners unique strategic advantages in terms of logistics and supply chain management.

A special role is played by our sourcing office in China. The highly qualified team based at the China office has at its disposal all the resources it needs to identify and qualify attractive new supply sources. They can also provide expert supervision for client audits, including simultaneous interpreting services.

Besides China, Vivatis focuses on other key Asian markets such as India. Our representatives regularly travel to these countries, and we have built up a network of qualified suppliers.

Vivatis International Offices