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  • Pharma

    Global procurement
    of certified APIs
    and intermediates

    Anyone can say to put their clients at the centre of every­thing they do. But at Vivatis Pharma, we don’t just say it, we actually do it – and that’s why more and more

  • Quality

    Proactive compliance with national and international standards

    Vivatis’s quality management is underpinned by exceptional expertise. Our internationally experienced quality managers are able to draw on a range of internal and external auditors

  • Packaging

    Packaging, dispensers and sprayer pumps for medical
    and cosmetic products

    The Vivatis Medical Devices GmbH was created to supply Vivatis clients from the pharma­ceuticals and cosmetics sectors with high-quality yet cost-effective packaging solutions


About us

Vivatis – helping our partners succeed in the API, intermediates, nutraceuticals and functional food sectors

Vivatis is an independent full-service provider for manufacturers, marketing authorisation holders, distributors and brand owners in the areas of pharmaceuticals (generics and product synthesis), cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food (including luxury and functional food), sports nutrition and detergent sectors. More


Global procurement of certified APIs and intermediates

Anyone can say to put their clients at the centre of everything they do. But at Vivatis Pharma, we don’t just say it, we actually do it – and that’s why more and more satisfied clients from right across Europe are choosing our services.

We specialise in global procurement of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), offering precisely specified intermediates and developing marketing strategies for our partners.


Our clients include both pharma manufacturers and marketing authorisation holders, and range in size from small specialists to mid-sized businesses to international corporations. Over 95% of the products supplied by Vivatis are used for the manufacture of generic medicines.

When it comes to procuring APIs and intermediates, two criteria are of paramount importance. Firstly, uncompromising quality, in line with the required standards. Secondly, cost-effectiveness. The pharmaceuticals industry is extremely competitive, and so our clients need APIs that strike the perfect balance between these two criteria.

Achieving this requires in-depth knowledge of not just the European but above all the Asian procurement markets, especially China and India. Vivatis is constantly scouring these markets for new sources of ingredients, and ensuring they satisfy European and international standards by conducting audits or supervising client audits with specialist staff able to provide simultaneous interpreting services.

We source our intermediates from a variety of certified Asian and European manufacturers, meaning we can guarantee our clients stable production even in the event of radical upheavals in the global economy.

Vivatis has branch offices in six European countries, giving us great flexibility and versatility when it comes to supply chain management.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Reliable and efficient: customised Vivatis solutions

We supply clients throughout Europe with over 300 different active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and are an important part of the supply chain for manufacturers of generic medicines. Vivatis also increasingly supports clients with second-sourcing strategies.

Our product finder gives an overview of APIs that we typically deal with.


As well as these ‘standard’ ingredients, we regularly receive enquiries about new APIs, and so we are constantly on the lookout for new sources of ingredients, primarily in Asia. If we identify suitable suppliers, we qualify them according to the high standards required. This work is facilitated by our strong international network and the first-rate team based at our Shanghai representative office.

Needless to say, we and our staff hold all the necessary licences and fully comply with international regulations and European standards.

But what really sets Vivatis apart is our close, trusting relationship with our clients. Many of them have been so impressed that they’ve gone on to entrust us with even more tasks.

We possess the necessary expertise in API import management and can rely on a network of proven partners in Asia, especially in China an India. Our highly professional local staff in our Shanghai representative office, who have relevant language skills, can either carry out audits themselves or supervise client audits. If required, Vivatis track all batches, conduct feasibility studies and take care of the processing of intermediates. Vivatis can also deal with customs requirements for any import country, and work with specialised, certified warehousing and logistics providers to ensure just-in-time delivery throughout Europe. Other services we offer include (interim) financing and price benchmarking.



Cost-effective complete solutions from Vivatis

Intermediates are in growing demand from the pharmaceutical industry, API producers, contract manufacturers and many development labs. Vivatis has proven itself to be a trusted partner and service provider in this area. The key to our success is the extremely close working relationship between our specialist teams and clients, and our deep knowledge and penetration of Asian and European procurement markets.


This means we are able to identify which of our certified intermediate suppliers from around the world promises a given client the best value – while meeting all quality standards. We do this by working with each client to produce a list of their precise requirements. Our experts also proactively suggest ways to optimise intermediates.

We’re helped by the synergies resulting from our close collaboration with the Vivatis API department. And since it’s often not just quality and cost-effectiveness that matter, but also speed, we also place great emphasis on efficiency.

International and European standards and regulations form the basis for all Vivatis Intermediates’ activities. Vivatis holds numerous REACH registrations, and we can help our clients to evaluate and register their own new substances.

Vivatis Intermediates complies fully with all international and European standards and regulations. Audits can be conducted on all suppliers. Many clients require complete solutions, especially for intermediates sources in Asia. Depending on the project, these solutions can include conducting our own audits, supervising client audits with qualified staff with relevant language skills, monitoring batches, carrying out feasibility studies and/or further processing of intermediates. In delivering these solutions, our Intermediates team is able to draw on a wealth of experience and an extensive network.


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