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  • Nutrition

    Nutraceuticals, finished formulations, flavours, fragrances and food additives

    Ever since the company was founded, Vivatis Pharma has been supplying nutraceutical manufacturers with ingredients both conventional and uncon­ventional. Thanks to its

  • Quality

    Proactive compliance with national and international standards

    Vivatis’s quality management is underpinned by exceptional expertise. Our internationally experienced quality managers are able to draw on a range of internal and external auditors

  • Packaging

    Packaging, dispensers and sprayer pumps for medical and cosmetic products

    The Vivatis Medical Devices GmbH was created to supply Vivatis clients from the pharma­ceuticals and cosmetics sectors with high-quality yet cost-effective packaging solutions


About us

Vivatis – helping our partners succeed in the API, intermediates, nutraceuticals and functional food sectors

Vivatis is an independent full-service provider for manufacturers, marketing authorisation holders, distributors and brand owners in the areas of pharmaceuticals (generics and product synthesis), cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food (including luxury and functional food), sports nutrition and detergent sectors. More


Nutraceuticals, finished formulations, flavours, fragrances and food additives

Ever since the company was founded, Vivatis Pharma has been supplying nutraceutical manufacturers with ingredients both conventional and unconventional. Thanks to its exceptional expertise and global procurement capability, Vivatis’s Nutrition division is one of the most successful suppliers of goods and services for European nutraceuticals, functional food and sports nutrition manufacturers.


This sector is typified by the fact that alongside the "classics" there are also many products with relatively short lifecycles, meaning there is high demand for innovative ingredients and for bioactivity studies on substances not previously widely used or known in Europe.

One of Vivatis’s key tasks is therefore to identify and certify ingredients and suppliers throughout the world, though with a primary focus on Asia.

Developing and marketing finished products successfully requires extensive knowledge, not just of the ingredients used in the products but also of the sources in their country of origin; the characteristics, composition of the end product; packaging, transit routes and warehousing; laws and regulations in different markets; and a whole host of marketing issues.

Vivatis has proven itself to be a reliable, capable partner in all these different areas, with safety always the number one priority.

Due to the high demand, Vivatis Nutrition also supplies many of its clients with custom finished formulations as well as all the flavours, fragrances and food additives they need to manufacture their end products. Less



Comprehensive service for nutraceutical and functional food manufacturers

To be successful in the nutraceuticals and functional food market, you need to possess genuine expertise and offer outstanding products. Without both these things, you’ll struggle. That’s why so many experienced nutraceutical manufacturers and brand owners have longstanding partnerships with Vivatis’s Nutraceuticals department.


What makes these partnerships so valuable is the breadth with which the Vivatis team defines its task: alongside global procurement of ingredients and additives for nutraceutical and functional food production, Vivatis offers a range of services that is utterly unrivalled in Europe.

Because nutraceutical and functional food products have relatively short lifecycles, manufacturers and brand owners need lots of new product ideas each year. That’s why one of Vivatis’s most important tasks is to continuously scour the Asian, American, African, Australian and European markets for ingredients that allow manufacturers and brand owners to develop these innovative ideas, and to certify partners around the world who can supply these ingredients. We also commission studies to underscore the scientific credentials of our clients’ products, where no pre-existing studies are available.

Nutraceutical and functional food manufacturers also take advantage of Vivatis’s expert consulting services to help them successfully position their new product ideas in the market. These services include trend research, product ideation, market analysis, checking health claims against relevant laws and regulations, discussing suitable distribution channels and providing packaging solutions. One key principle underpinning our consulting services is our strict commitment to utmost confidentiality.

Vivatis clients are increasingly making use of product-specific finished formulations – a service that allows manufacturers and brand owners to give their full attention to the things they do best.


Sports Nutrition

Cost-effective ingredient procurement and flexible availability

The sports nutrition sector has been enjoying steady global growth for a number of years. Vivatis identified this trend early on, and built up specialist expertise in sports nutrition to cater to it.

Drawing on a wealth of experience, the Vivatis Sports Nutrition team monitors and evaluates the global supply and prices of ingredients.


We offer a comprehensive selection of ingredients for endurance, fitness and strength. To keep pace with market needs, Vivatis regularly identifies new ingredients and certifies new producers in the source countries, primarily focusing on Asia so as to help our clients keep their costs low.

Many sports nutrition products provide the body with natural high-protein ingredients with amino acids that support muscle building and recovery. Vivatis supplies proteins, amino acids or finished products in liquid or powder form.

Energy-giving ingredients are another important part of the Vivatis range, with the necessary carbohydrates available in natural (e.g. nut or dried fruit preparations) or alternative forms. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience in the nutrition market, organising the supply and storage of all minerals and vitamins required for an end product is an integral part of Vivatis services. We have high-quality sources for guarana, caffeine and many other plant extracts.

On request, Vivatis Sports Nutrition can also provide services spanning the entire value chain that go beyond procuring ingredients.


Finished Formulations

Custom solutions for premade nutraceutical products

Finished formulations for nutraceuticals are premade products with a formula and dosage form precisely corresponding to clients’ specifications.

Vivatis clients use finished formulations to keep their internal production lean, to use their capacities more economically or so they can launch new products without needing to expand their manufacturing operations.


Vivatis can take care of as many production stages as the client wishes, right up to supplying fully labelled and packaged end products, and so many companies who are only brand owners and do not have their own production facilities take advantage of the option to order Vivatis’s finished formulations as a full-service package.

Liaising with the client, our experts discuss cost factors, the best formulas and sources, and the required stage of production for the finished formulations. Vivatis can also manage warehousing and logistics throughout Europe, in accordance with client specifications and relevant regulations. Clients also have the option to order finished formulations directly from Vivatis’s standard portfolio.

As a full-service provider, Vivatis can advise clients not just on the best formulas and ingredients, but also on markets, regulations and legal standards. Working closely with clients, we identify unique solutions that offer exceptional cost-effectiveness, quality and supply security.

In combination with the wide-ranging Vivatis ingredients portfolio, our clients benefit from our Europe-wide network of nutraceutical contract manufacturers, which allows clients without their own production facilities to find the ideal partner for manufacturing their end products.


Food & Flavours

Vivatis – full service for food additives, flavours and fragrances

For a product to be successful, it needs to deliver on consumers’ expectations in terms of taste, smell, texture and shelf life. For foodstuffs ranging from confectionery and chocolate to certain dairy products, as well as nutraceuticals, functional food and sports nutrition products, meeting these expectations requires the use of flavours, fragrances and additives.

Additives and fragrances are also generally needed in the manufacture of cosmetics, soaps and detergents.


For this reason, Vivatis offers its clients a comprehensive range of services for flavours, fragrances and food additives, including cost-effective ingredient procurement, identifying and auditing suppliers, imports and customs management, quality control, warehousing and just-in-time delivery. Vivatis is also able to develop complete projects in close coordination with clients.

We can supply virtually all additives, flavours, fragrances, oils and sweeteners licensed for use in food production. For flavoured teas, Vivatis can supply essential oils such as bergamot oil from certified sources.

One particular benefit to working with Vivatis is our ability to source niche products on the global market, especially from Asian suppliers.


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