From molecules to finished products -
Full service for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers.

  • Pharma

    Global procurement
    of certified APIs
    and intermediates

    Anyone can say to put their clients at the centre of every­thing they do. But at Vivatis Pharma, we don’t just say it, we actually do it – and that’s why more and more

  • Nutrition

    Nutraceuticals, finished formulations, flavours, fragrances and food additives

    Ever since the company was founded, Vivatis Pharma has been supplying nutraceutical manufacturers with ingredients both conventional and uncon­ventional. Thanks to its

  • Packaging

    Packaging, dispensers and sprayer pumps for medical
    and cosmetic products

    The Vivatis Medical Devices GmbH was created to supply Vivatis clients from the pharma­ceuticals and cosmetics sectors with high-quality yet cost-effective packaging solutions

  • Products

    The Vivatis search engine
    for pharma, nutrition and functional food

    We supply raw, basic and active ingredients, intermediates, finished formulations, flavours, fragrances and complete packa­ging solutions at all stages of our customers’ value

  • Quality

    Proactive compliance with national and international standards

    Vivatis’s quality management is underpinned by exceptional expertise. Our internationally experienced quality managers are able to draw on a range of internal and external auditors

  • Trade fairs and news

    Scientifically proven: saffron is good for you

    Highly aromatic and steeped in legend, saffron is a rare, expensive spice


About us

Vivatis – helping our partners succeed in the API, intermediates, nutraceuticals and functional food sectors

Vivatis is an independent full-service provider for manufacturers, marketing authorisation holders, distributors and brand owners in the areas of pharmaceuticals (generics and product synthesis), cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food (including luxury and functional food), sports nutrition and detergent sectors. More